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Witzenmann Austria, as a company in the Witzenmann Group, fully upholds this innovative tradition. The company has been represented in the Austrian market since 1900. The "Vereinte Pforzheimer Wiener Metallschlauchfabrik" was founded in 1928. Today as in the past, Witzenmann Austria embodies high quality and the best delivery service in the industry.

Witzenmann Austria specialises in manufacturing and preassembling stainless steel hose lines. Metal hoses are preassembled straight away in line with customers' requests, which involves the hoses being equipped with the connector parts required for the application and delivered at short notice. This fast and reliable service is an important factor in repairs and when equipment is required.
Specified from the flange to the welding end or threaded nipple, they are used in various branches of industry such as mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and building services.

Expansion fittings and bellows represent another major product group, and are used in an extremely wide range of applications such as heavy industry and plant engineering through to building equipment and power plant technology.
Witzenmann Austria is the contact point for the wide product range of the entire Witzenmann Group. With immediate access to the corresponding departments at headquarters in southern Germany, Witzenmann Austria can also guarantee fast and competent service at this point, as well as offering support with the backing of the Group's engineering competence.

The product range is rounded off by flat ducting for high-precision incoming and outgo-ing ventilation in living spaces. In the context of increasing environmental awareness, this area of building technology is becoming increasingly important in buildings that are not used for commercial purposes.

Even today, Witzenmann Austria is producing for more than just the Austrian market. The portfolio of this Austrian subsidiary of Witzenmann also includes customers from Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Witzenmann Austria

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Witzenmann Austria

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